Country music and rock music go hand in hand. Take Johnny Cash, for example. He's in both the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Also, there have been many rock songs that were turned into country covers and vice versa. What I want to focus on are the songs that were originally country songs and were covered by rock singers. I put together five of my favorites keeping in mind the most unforgettable and recognizable country songs ever written.

5. "Stand By Your Man"

Tammy Wynette's original:

Elton John's version:

4. "The Race Is On"

Geoger Jones's original:

Dave Edmunds's version:

3. "Ring of Fire"

Johnny Cash's original:

Bob Dylan's version:

2. "Move It On Over"

Hank Williams's original:

George Thorogood's version:

1. "Me and Bobby McGee"

Roger Miller's original:

Janis Joplin's version:

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