Sometimes the best thing to do is get away from where you live and enjoy the scenery around you. You know all the areas we say we'd like to see but don't make the time. With spring almost here, here are five places to see and relax from the day to day grind.


Take a walk across the "Walkway Over The Hudson". Depending on your degree of fear of heights you might just make it halfway, stop and enjoy making it half way and the beauty of the Hudson River. The longest  pedestrian bridge in the world at 7,000 feet long, located in Poughkeepsie


How about a short trip to see Dunkirk Lighthouse where the first shots of the war of 1812 were fired just off the coast the coast where the lighthouse is today. Pause and take a look at the view of Lake Erie, upstates own ocean view.


Here is one to see that will make you feel small in comparison."Five State Lookout" Located on Route 23 east of the village of Windham you may have visited this stop with your family when you were younger. On a clear day, you can see New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, /Vermont and New Hampshire.


Canandaigua City Pier, this a very pretty spot in the Finger Lakes with the lake only a mile and a half wide you can see the houses on both sides of the lake. You can also see the gaily painted boat houses on both sides of the lake, worth the trip and the stop.


How about a quick stop at Taughannock Falls State Park on the west side of Cayuga Lake from Ithaca. The falls drop 215 feet from the top of the gorge making it the tallest water drop in the East, including Niagara Falls



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