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The winter weather is allegedly getting close to breaking and that means gardens and flower beds. Here are some Utica nurseries and garden supply stores to get you started this Spring.

Once we get temperatures of Spring settled to something that is a little more moderate gardening will become a top priority. While the National Weather Service is still predicting a chance of snow until this weekend, the sunny temps in the low to mid-fifties will eventually roll in. It is one of the coldest Aprils to-date but we are getting close.

Unless you are a well-seasoned gardener, and I'm not, I try to get help on finding what to plant and more importantly when to plant. Here are the top five nurseries and garden supply stores in Utica that can help you get started as well as help with what to buy and when and where to plant.


Chester's Flower Shop and Greenhouses

1117 York St., Utica, NY 315-797-2360
Family owned and operated specializing in flowers since 1937 if you're new to gardening Chester's will make a good guide to get your garden laid out and what flowers you will really need to make a great impression.

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Mum Farm

Nurseries 9011 Red Hill Rd. New Hartford, NY 315-737-5145
owner Shelley Corey expertise is in hanging baskets and gardens. Shelly can be a great sounding board as to what direction to take and what flowers will work for the space you have for a hanging garden.

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Greenscapes  Landscaping and Garden Center

5184 Commercial Dr. Yorkville
NY 315-736-8733 Greenscapes specialty is trees, shrubs and one of a kind gardens that will make you glad you took the time to design and plant with help from Greenscapes.

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Massoud's Tree Farm

48 Old Mohawk, Whitesboro, NY 315-737-5011
Specializes in design with evergreens year round including Christmas Tree transplanting that can be done after the holidays, and adds another design option for your back and front yards around the holidays.

rain barrel
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D'alessandro's Landscaping and Nursery

1346 Higby Frankfort, NY 315-738-0434
From ground cover to hanging baskets and everything in-between whatever you need D'lessandro's has you covered for that one of a kind garden you've always wanted to plant but didn't know where to start.

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