So, you want to buy a boat but unless it goes 60 mph it will be an old folks boat. Well here are five big advantages to owning a pontoon boat.

# 5. Ample Storage

Pontoon boats are spacious that means when you head to the lake in late September and it gets a little cold all those extra jackets, blankets, extra clothes will all come in handy. Try to find that room in your ski boat. Something else to remember you can power a pontoon boat to pull a skier but try to put 11 people on your ski boat.

# 4.Beginner and Family Friendly

A pontoon boat is stable and a great first owner boat it's wide platform that makes it very stable. If your family likes to fish or you have a bunch of friends that do a pontoon boat is for you. Don't try fishing off a ski boat, not fun and someone will end up in the lake. If you have little kids it is a great place to start driving with adult supervision, of course, the pontoon is a slow boat and not quick to turn.

# 3 Cheaper to Insure

Pontoon boats are, for the most part, cheaper to operate and much less to insure than a ski boat.  That goes for insurance as well. Pontoon boats generally will run $20 to $30 for good insurance.

# 2. Easy To  Dock

Generally, there is one person that is charged with docking the boat as it can be a stressful experience. The best boat lift is low profile making the docking even easier, but you still need to practice.

# 1.Long Lifespan

Unlike the ski boat, pontoon boats do not change much so there is no need to always upgrade to the latest and best model of the ski boat you have. The pontoon boat seldom changes much and can actually be passed from generation to generation, unlike the ski boat.


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