33-year-old Ryan Bailey was diagnosed with Berger’s Disease in July 2019 after a sudden onset of symptoms. He now needs a kidney transplant and help from his community.

Ryan Bailey is from Cassville, a 2005 Mount Markham graduate, and a Standard Insulating employee for the past 10 years. He's an avid sports fan, loves to play softball and golf, and never shies away from giving back to the community. Now he's hoping the community can come together to help him.

Ryan and his fiance Alyssa Beach noticed symptoms about a year ago and was then diagnosed with Berger's disease (kidney failure) in July 2019. Thankfully his younger brother Devin is a match and is donating a kidney to him

Berger’s Disease is an autoimmune condition that impacts the kidneys’ ability to function effectively, ultimately leading to kidney failure. Ryan has been receiving medical treatment through Albany Medical Center over the past year.

Despite multiple medical procedures, several daily medications, and the efforts of his exceptional team of specialists, his condition has continued to worsen. Ryan currently receives daily peritoneal dialysis at home and will continue to do so until he receives a live donor kidney transplant on October 19, 2020, at Albany Medical Center.

To help offset expenses for medications, treatments, and travel for the family, a Go Fund Me page has been set up as well as a social-distanced fundraiser at Patty’s Pub.

Patty's Pub, 9650 US-20 in Bridgewater, will have a gift basket drawing set up October 11-25th during normal business hours with a Facebook Live event pulling winners October 25th as well as a drive-thru Pulled Pork Dinner at noon until they are sold out.

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