Back in the 30's people gathered around their radios for evening entertainment because the advent of the TV was still a couple of decades out. During one such evening back in 1938, listeners tuned in their radios to listen to a young 23 year-old radio broadcaster by the name of Orson Welles who was about to trip into fame forever as he decided to launch his Halloween play adaptation of 'War Of The Worlds' AS IF those events were actually happening.


Hulton Archive/Getty Images

This particular radio show ran no commercial breaks normally which made it sound even more authentic to those tuning in late as they missed Orson's disclaimer at the beginning of the show about it being a radio play. Their horror eventually turned into Orson's name going down in history, attached to one of the most famous radio broadcasts of all time.

While people STILL believe everything they hear, this sort of 'hoax' would've been easily identified in today's social media society and it's fun to look back and marvel at how things used to be. Kinda makes you wanna strip away everything and go simple again in some ways doesn't it? Here's the infamous broadcast in it's entirety... Try to listen as a hapless pre-war citizen who normally got their news updates from the radio. This was d@mn entertaining back then and still is today.




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