Sweet, little Mavis was found on Rider Ave in Syracuse on October 2. There's a reward offered to find those involved in this horrific abuse.

Mavis is currently at Fetch A Friend Rescue, and they're asking for donations. They say she's the worst emaciation case they've seen and is a 1 on the body condition score. Mavis is not eating as much as she should be and is not keeping down what little she’s eaten.

The Cuse Pit Crew asks us to remember - YOU are their voice. If you see animal abuse or neglect of any kind, immediately call 911 or your local law enforcement agency. Also, PLEASE contact your county, state and federal elected officials and implore them to create or support bills that will protect dogs. This is imperative. Without your voice, it's laws never will exist to protect our most vulnerable.

Mavis needs all the well wishes she can get as she's still fighting for her life. The Cuse Pit Crew says:

She is literally skin and bones. In fact, she might be one of the worst cases of neglect we've ever seen. Regardless of her condition, this sweet pup is a bundle of love and wants to be snuggled up in your lap...

At last check, Mavis was heading into exploratory surgery as her ultrasound did show a foreign body. This is a very risky surgery in her frail condition, all good thoughts are welcome and appreciated. She has received a blood transfusion among many other medical procedures, and your donation will be put to good use.

Cuse Pit Crew President Stefanie Heath tells Spectrum News

"There are resources available for support with medical care, the shamrock animal fund. And, there are resources to help you if you're looking to low cost, for spay/neuter services, which is also important. So, there are a plethora of resources in just making that call to some type of agency. They'll be able to provide that."

There are also resources for free pet food. Anyone with tips can call the Syracuse Police Animal Cruelty Investigator at 315- 442-5336.

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