Construction is full speed ahead at Consumer Square in New Hartford as two more business will be opening alongside Starbucks and Blaze Pizza.

We knew about Starbucks and Blaze Pizza opening in 12,400-square-foot shopping space next to Applebee's, but now we see Jersey Mike’s Subs and B. Good farm-to-table restaurant will also be moving in soon.

Consumer Square
Consumer Square

You may have noticed Five Guys has moved into n the former Blockbuster Video store near Panera Bread so Wingstop can move into the former Five Guys location, That will be the 2nd of 8 Wingstop locations opening across CNY. The restaurants are owned by Pierog, Berry, and Holmes.

What's a Jersey Mike's Subs and B. Good farm-to-table restaurant?

Jersey Mike's Subs currently has 6 locations in the Albany area. They really focus on giving back to the community with their Culture of Giving programs.

At Jersey Mike’s, we offer a sub above – one that’s measured in more than inches or seconds ‘til served. We carefully consider every aspect of what we do – every slice, every sandwich, every store – we provide our customers with sustenance and substance too.

Jersey Mike's Subs says their produce is grown, packed and shipped locally (where available), their roast beef is cooked in the store, sub rolls are baked fresh daily, and all sandwiches are made with top quality meats and cheeses sliced in front of you.

Photo Credit: Cindy McMullen/TSM
Photo Credit: Cindy McMullen/TSM

The B. Good farm-to-table restaurant features ingredients farmed sustainably, without the use of artificial preservatives, antibiotics or growth hormones.B.GOOD says they're are proud to play an active role in driving positive change in our food system.

We believe that transparent, resilient, and fair food systems lead to the highest quality ingredients. We strive to use those same ingredients to create our burgers, kale & grain bowls, salads, and everything else on our menu... we’re committing to partnering with farmers who uphold some of the highest standards in animal welfare, while also setting goals for continuous improvement within our supply chain. We hope that by changing the way we source, we can start to change the flaws in our current food system.

Animal welfare is an important cornerstone of B. Good business:

  • Laying Hens: 100% of our shell eggs come from cage-free laying hens, and 73% are Certified Humane.
  • Chicken: 93%* of the chicken in our supply chain were never administered antibiotics and were fed an all vegetarian diet. This product is supplied by the Perdue brand Harvestland.
  • Pigs: 80% of our pork is Certified Humane, which does not allow the use of gestation crates or farrowing crates.
  • Beef: 97%** of the beef in our supply comes from cows that were never administered hormones or antibiotics.
  • Turkey: 95% of the turkey in our supply chain is American Humane Certified.
    *Indicates 100% of the protein is antibiotic free
    **100% of our beef is hormone free

B. Good has 5 locations in NYS with the closest in Latham NY.

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