The Animal Protective Foundation (APF) is caring for 17 cats and kittens who were found sealed inside a plastic bin and carrier on the side of the road in Schenectady on Monday.

Thankfully the cats and kittens were found, and are now safe at the APF shelter. This could have ended horribly as the bin was sealed and didn't have any holes for the cats to breathe. The lucky kitties are now on the road to recovery by receiving medical care, vaccinations, and lots of love.

According to a video posted on the APF Facebook page, the 17 additional cats and kittens have put them over capacity and are in need of financial donations as well as cat toys, bedding, litter, wet food, dry food, and more. You can also call 518-374-3944 to see what supplies are needed.

Although these cats are not up for adoption just yet, they have lots of cats in their care that are ready for a forever home. The APF is a not-for-profit that provides services to Schenectady County and the greater Capital Region.

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