Do you work at a desk?  Do you keep it clutter free?  Results are in from a new survey…most of us have a messy desk at work.  Well, they say a messy desk is the sign of a genius.  On average, a desk has 19 pieces of paper on it that have absolutely no use whatsoever.  One in three desks have hal-eaten food, wrappers, or empty bottles on them.  Half of us have left dirty cups and plates on our desk . . . and one in 20 have left them there for at least THREE DAYS.   I knew a guy that would leave coffee on his desk, in a Styrofoam cup, for months!  I guess he had his own little science experiment going on there.  52% of people say they clean off their desks at most,  once a month . . . and one in 10 people haven't in the last SIX months.  48% of people say that they've lost something important because they couldn't find it on their desk . . . and 56% of people say their stress levels increase when they have to deal with a messy desk.  One in four people have been told by our boss to clean our desk . . . and one in 10 have gotten a formal warning.

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