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Things to Do in Clinton
Let's face it, it can be difficult to go on vacation. Everything is so expensive. So, I decided to help you take a vacation without actually leaving. Here are six things you can do in the Village of Clinton that don't cost money.
Signs You Grew Up in Clinton
Clinton is a great place to call home. And, if you grew up in Clinton, there are some things that most of us remember vividly about the little village (depending on how long you have lived there--some of us remember more than others). I want to share some signs that you'll remember proving that you grew up in Clinton, New York (at least during the 80s, 90s and 00s).
Root Glen at Hamilton College–Zach’s Weekly Snaps [PHOTOS]
Fall is in the air. Leaves are falling and pumpkins are on the porch. These fall days are beautiful, especially when you get out and take a look at nature. And that's what I did. I visited Root Glen at Hamilton College and took some pictures. Today, I would like to share with you a few of those pictures as part of my photoblog series Zach's Weekly Snaps. This week's theme--Root Glen.