Jeremy Shuler from Texas will be attending Cornell University this fall, and will most likely be the school's youngest graduate ever. 

Jeremy Shuler is the son of two aerospace engineers. He's not quite a teenager, but he's ready for college at one of the nation's premiere Ivy League Schools. This brilliant preteen will be enrolling in Cornell University this fall, and plans to graduate with a degree in engineering by the time he's 16.

Unbelievably, Jeremy won't be the youngest college graduate ever. Michael Kearney graduated from the University of South Alabama at age 10.

So Just how smart is this Jeremy Shuler? According to Syracuse.Com:

At 10, he placed in the 99.6 percentile for all college-bound seniors that year and aced Advanced Placement exams in calculus, chemistry, mechanics, electricity and magnetism, statistics, microeconomics and macroeconomics.



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