We all want to keep our mower going all through the summer months of cutting and avoid problems along the way here are some tips to make that possible.

1.  Maintenance

Check your owners manual on what to do before starting the mower this spring.

2.  Keep Tools Handy

Keep the following tools handy hammer, clamps, socket set, spark plug socket, grease gun, square tip screwdriver, oil filter wrench, shop vac.

3.  Clean Out The Mower

Remove the belt guards and clean out every bit of old clippings dirt and anything else picked up by the mower when you last used it to grind up leaves.

4.  Check Spark plugs

Worn spark plugs can make it hard to start and bad on gas replace plugs at the start of the season cheap insurance

5.  Set The Gap

Set the gap on the new plug before you use it for this season

6.  Clean Or Replace Fuel Filters

Fuel Filters are generally out of sight out of mind be sure to check your manual and change the filter when manufacturer recommended intervals.

7.  Fill the tank with new gas.

Old gas will do more harm to your engine.

8.  Change The Oil

Replace oil and oil filter at the beginning of the season and midway through the season as well.

9.  Check The Blades

Inspect the blades on your mower and replace at the beginning f the season. Keep an extra set of blades for easy replacement.

10. Get Greasy

Grease every fitting and inspect tires and replace if necessary.

This should take no more than an hour to an hour and a half but will save you a lot of hassle.

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