I'm going to sound like an informercial for a second. Are you sick of sweeping excessive litter around the litter box? Would you like to hid the contents of the litter box? Well, you need to make yourself a top-entry litter box. The price is unbeatable. This DIY litter box can be yours for only $5 to $10. Similar top-entry litter boxes sell online for close to $40. All you need to make your DIY top-entry litter box is a storage container, something for cutting plastic and some time (about 10 minutes). OK, infomercial over.

This is probably the easiest project you can do. I really wish I made this litter box sooner.


  • utility knife (or Dremel tool)
  • sandpaper


  • large storage container with top


It's so easy. All you need to do is cut a hole in the top of the storage container big enough for your cat to get in. Sand the edges of the newly-cut hole. Then, fill the storage container with litter. And you're done. (I added a little rug to the top of the litter box to catch a little bit more litter.)

Since making this top-entry litter box, there has been little to no extra litter on the floor from when the cat jumps out of the box. And my cat does not mind the set up.

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