We've teamed up with Warner Sales & Service to salute hard working contractors in Central New York. This week's 'Warner's Warrior' is Michael Thorna of MDR Construction.

Michael was nominated by Edward Carroll who says:

We had Mike over to our house to remodel our bathroom. For 28 years we lived here we had sulfur water and the smell that goes with it. We had a make shift filter system that was helping to clear the water. Mike happened to go to the basement and see our setup. He told us he knew of a filtering system that would work much better and offered to put it in for us to try and if not happy would take it back out, all at no cost. Since he put that in we have had no smell from our water and we notice a much better taste. Mike has helped us a lot with many remodeling projects, and does all his own work."

If anyone deserves to be a Warner’s Warrior, it’s Michael. Congrats on being one tough animal!

If you know a ‘Warner’s Warrior,’ nominate them.