Football is back in full swing and fans are amped for the beginning of the 2011 season. No one is more excited than fantasy football fans. I can’t wait to draft my team, and a lot of businesses actually offer discounts if you do your draft at their place.

Every fantasy football league has the same type of people in it. Here are the different people in your league according to Guyism:

  • The Homer- He's the guy who just drafts players on his favorite team.
  • The No-Show- Every league has the guy who drafts a team and then doesn't even check on it during the season. (Sadly this was me last year)
  • The Girl- Somehow a girl was allowed into the league.
  • The Second-Guesser- He takes the full time for each draft pick and the full time to consider every trade offer.
  • The Researcher- This guy bought every football magazine, studied every player, and probably checked out some practices too.

Read the full list from Guyism.

Who are you in your Fantasy Football league?