NHL Pre-Season Comes To Clinton Arena
Clinton, New York, the winner of the Kraft Hockeyville USA 2018, and will host the Buffalo Sabers and Columbus Blue Jackets NHL preseason game on September 25, 2018, the NHL and the NHL Players Association announced.
CNY School World Series Bound
Sometimes the road back is even harder than the first time especially when it comes to sports. Take Herkimer College as an example. The school hasn't been in playoffs since 2015. That is about to change in a big way.
7 Most Common Mistakes In Golf
There is a secret to this sport and this year I'll find it and change my game. Thanks to Golf Digest I may actually cut a few strokes this Spring. So here are the 7 most common mistakes in golf.
Can You Spot The Ticks On this Muffin?
We are in the season of the year that it may seem that it should be easy to spot fleas and ticks on you and your pet. At least you would think it would be that easy. Ticks can be the size of a poppy seed. Take a look at this muffin, there are 5 ticks on it can you spot them?

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