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When Fantasy Football Saved A Man From Jail Time
How far would you go to make sure all of the fantasy football players in your league make it to your draft?
For one fantasy football commissioner in Indiana that meant having to find a way to get one of his buddies clear of actual jail time...
What Is The Allure Of Fantasy Football?
Over the years my footsteps have taken me more towards the artsy/fartsy stuff and I haven't explored sports much beyond a recreational or armchair basis, so one day a few years back one of my buddies asks me to join a fantasy football team and I was like, do you KNOW me?
Little did I know he was prob…
Proper Fantasy Draft Day Etiquette
This one day will determine your joys and sorrows over the next four months. We are talking about Fantasy draft day. It may very well be the most important day of the year. Even though draft day is important, it's not an excuse to be self-centered and rude.
Different Types Of Fantasy Football People
Football is back in full swing and fans are amped for the beginning of the 2011 season. No one is more excited than fantasy football fans. I can’t wait to draft my team, and a lot of businesses actually offer discounts if you do your draft at their place.