Would you go to McDonald's for a formal sit-down dinner? A McDonald's in Australia is trying it out. You order your food, it's brought to you by a server on real plates and in real glasses, and you eat it with real silverware. Granted you won't be ordering a lobster or steak, but you can enjoy McNuggets and Big Macs on a fancy plate.

Once you arrive at the McDonald's in Warilla, Australia, you get seated by the maitre d', and have a waitress take your order. You wait patiently for your food, and when it arrives you then eat it with a real fork, knife, and spoon. Yes you're able to order your burger medium rare, or welldone. So how did this crazy idea get started?

A pair named Glenn and Katia Dwarte own the franchise and they got the idea to have a sitdown style restaurant when their parents would come in. The Dwartes would serve them at the table, and have them eat with real silverware. Other customers noticed, and asked if they could try it too. Glenn and Katia talked with the McDonald's global headquarters in Chicago, and got permission to try it. Guests come in, sit down, and order.

'Most were quite excited. We actually had a group of eight people who asked me to take a photo of them so they could put it on Facebook. We are also providing customer surveys so we can gauge the feedback.’

So far Glenn and Katia say they're getting pretty positive reviews. No word if McDonald's plans on trying it out at any stores over here in the U.S.



[via Daily Mail]