The Syracuse Mets play their first home game of the season on May 4 at NBT Stadium. You could be at that game, and all home games, from the comfort of your own home all while helping a good cause.

According to, the Mets are offering fans a chance to be at the games in the form of a photo. Submit your picture and once approved you will be converted into a cutout and placed in the stadium. The team can only have 2,000 or fewer humans in the stadium for a game so lets fill the rest with cutouts!

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For $50 they will place your cutout in the stands throughout the entire 2021 season. Here is the best part, the $50 is a donation to benefit the Central New York Community Foundation COVID-19 Community Support Fund.

You can submit your own picture or a picture of your pet, Maybe some of these celebrity Mets fans will submit a picture and help the cause. Here are a few of my celebrity suggestions:

Stewie Griffin

Photo - - Cam Schwartz
Photo - -
Cam Schwartz
Emmy Rossum

These celebrities are already Mets fans after all. As far as the picture itself, there can only be one person in each cutout and be sure to wear Mets gear. To purchase a fan cutout, or for more information on cutouts and photo submissions, visit the team’s website.

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