Are you ready to be scared, and alone, touring a haunted asylum? You'll want to head to the Rolling Hills Asylum near Buffalo before the Halloween season is over.

You'll Be Scared And Alone Touring The Rolling Hills Asylum Near Buffalo

Are you ready to be scared, and alone, touring a haunted asylum? You'll want to head to the Rolling Hills Asylum near Buffalo before the Halloween season is over.

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That article again:

Coming up on Saturday October 16th, from 1AM - 4AM, you could walk the halls alone on a "Self Guided Ghost Hunt."

DO NOT GO TO BED ON FRIDAY NIGHT OCT 15 instead drive to RHA - FOR CHECK IN AT 12:45am for your ghost hunt at 1:00am NO Late ENTRY! (technically Saturday morning way before the sun comes up)

The Rolling Hills Asylum, originally called the Genesee County Poor farm, was established back in the winter of 1826. It was called a poor farm, which means it was an institution to house and maintain orphans, widowed women and their children, the disabled, the mentally ill, and minor criminals.

The residents were called inmates. The poor farm was self-sufficient, and residents tended the farm and animals as part of their chores. There was a shop on location where jams and pastries were made; even a shop where coffins were made to sell for the individuals' own profit. There is a record of a cemetery on the grounds that has not yet been found."

There are over 1,700 documented deaths and hundreds not recorded. Haunted North America rated it as the second most haunted site in the United States. Would you want to walk the halls alone?

What does the host hunt include? It includes the following:

1) Orientation and how to investigate.

2) Verbal overview of the history.

3) Self guided ghost hunt.

If you're looking to capture ghosts on high tech cameras, the asylum provides the frights but not the equipment. They do sell equipment though.

Face Masks are Required (NOT allowed: Gators or Bandanas). We will not admit anyone suspected to be under the influence of any ANY substances (including but not limited to alcohol or legal or or illegal drugs) and management strictly enforces this zero tolerance policy.

You can learn more online here.

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