You may be from Upstate New York if you haul your ATV on top of your car to the gas station.

Todd Fleming saw the man standing on top of his car, putting gas in a 4 wheeler at the Sunoco station in Chaumont, New York. "I took the picture from the Blue Heron patio," Fleming shared on Facebook.

The man is Tublock Chase from Cape Vincent and locals say they aren't surprised by the photo. "This is so Tublock." What they ARE surprised about is how he managed to get the 4 wheeler on top of the car.

Tublock isn't the only New Yorker who's improvised. This one was seen at the Stewart's in Holland Patent.

Tracy Gilbert King
Photo Credit - Tracy Gilbert King

In the winter months, there are plenty of snowmobiles on cars too. Freddy Muhlberger of Johnstown made 100 mile trip with one after his truck broke down. "I backed my car up to the snowbank and drove the sled on with no problem. It worked a lot better than I thought it would."

Paul Hollenbeck
Photo Credit - Paul Hollenbeck

Getting the sled on the car was a lot easier than getting it off. "We backed up to a snowbank and dragged it off the back," says Muhlberger. "The only problem was the ski got caught under the spoiler and we broke the spoiler off."

During Muhlberger's trip he noticed other drivers taking pictures and laughing. "I got a lot of thumbs up and people waving to me as they passed. I even passed a few cops and they didn't do anything."

Maverick Bowman
Photo Credit - Maverick Bowman

Let's not forget the snowmobile jammed into the back of a VW Bug in a Cobleskill WalMart.

Steven Carr
Photo Credit - Steven Carr

Marshton Kelly tried it too the day after seeing it on Facebook. "I had to get it over to my buddy's to work on it. The only option was slide it in backwards and I anchored it down using ratchet straps hooked them in those hooks used for car seats for children."

Marshton Kelly
Photo Credit - Marshton Kelly

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