Taco Bell customers in Yorkville are suffering due to a shortage of tortillas? Yes. Yes, they are.

WKTV reports the Yorkville Taco Bell is not serving burritos, crunchwraps, or quesadillas due to a tortilla shortage with their manufacturer. We attempted contacting the restaurant several times Monday afternoon, but there was no answer. Did they give up and close?

Allegedly, Taco Bell will have a shipment by the end of this week or next week.

The staffer couldn't confirm the name of the manufacturer but did say that there are plenty of other menu items that people can choose from, including soft tacos, crunchy tacos, chalupas, a cheesy gordita crunch, bowls, etc. [WKTV]

We spoke with Taco Bell in Utica, and they said the only location with a limited menu due to the shortage was Yorkville.

CNY Taco Bell locations include:

136 North Genessee St, Utica
400 Oriskany St, Yorkville
732 St. Hwy. Rt 28, Oneonta
5412 NY St Rt 12, Norwich
9090 Carousel Center Drive, Syracuse
1055 7th North Street, Liverpool
8095 Oswego Rd. Liverpool
7881 Brewerton Rd. Cicero
200 S Caroline St., Herkimer
1164 Erie Blvd West, Rome
1038 Glenwood Ave., Oneida

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