There is a mystery spot hidden in plain sight that defies all logic in Upstate New York.

X literally marks the Lake George Mystery Spot, located behind the Visitor Center. Legend has it that if you stand on the X in the center of the circle and speak, no one else will hear your words but they'll echo back louder than you would expect.

Credit - skitzoidlady via YouTube
Credit - skitzoidlady via YouTube

Echo Explanation

What causes this strange phenomenon? Some think it's your voice bouncing off the curved wall. Others say it's the position of the lake and mountains. The most interesting explanation is the Native American Legend of an ancient God appearing at that spot long ago and his wisdom still echoes around the lake today.

The Lake George Mystery Spot is so strange, that it's been included in the Haunted History Trail of New York State.

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If you want to try it for yourself, just look for the flagpole. Then stand directly in the center of the circle, right on the X in the blue line, face the lake, and start talking.

Credit - skitzoidlady via YouTube
Credit - skitzoidlady via YouTube

Covered Spot

We decided to see this mysterious spot during a recent visit to Lake George.

We walked from our hotel only to find it covered by a stage and a tent.

The spot was directly under the center of the stage and despite trying to stand in front, behind and even ON the stage, there was no echo.

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Who the heck puts up a stage on a landmark? What a disappointment.

If you ever get a chance to try it out when the stage isn't blocking the spot, let me know what happens.


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