A WWII veteran from Voorheesville, which is out in the Albany area, just turned 99-years-old. Meet Ken Bailey.

For his birthday, friends, family, and first responders all showed their support and love for Ken Bailey.

According to News 10, 99-year-old veteran Ken Bailey had no idea how many people would come out in the snow to say happy birthday to him:

“He’s an amazing person — so we knew we had to come out and do something for him,” says Ken’s friend Don Miller.

“I just thought she was coming to see me this morning and what a surprise to see all these people and I don’t know how many cars. I hope somebody counted them all,” says Ken.

Ken fought in France and Germany during WWII. Ken landed on Utah Beach six days after D-Day in 1944. He fought in the Battle of The Bulge, and was awarded with a Bronze Star medal.

Ken’s birthday was last Tuesday but the festivities haven’t stopped. He’s expecting celebrate more birthdays as years come.

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