This could be where the phrase 'scared to death' comes from, and it's only about 90 minutes away from Utica and Rome.

There are five separate attractions at Field of Horrors, 100 Ferrell Road, Troy, that promise a good scare for Halloween. You must purchase your tickets online due to NYS capacity regulations. The park is open each weekend this month as well as a few Sunday nights from 6-11 PM weather permitting.

The Condemned Manor features creaky floorboards and spirits fighting over the ownership of the creepy estate. Whatever you do, stay out of their way, or they could eliminate you.

The Return of the Mummy's Curse is an interactive flashlight experience as you search for scrolls that reveal the lost temple's location.

Finally, many years after exploring the tomb of the architect, Khepri-Nekhekh, and suffering through the Mummy‘s Curse, several scrolls were discovered lost within the tomb and have been translated by our researchers. These scrolls revealed the location of a lost temple and it was revealed within these walls that a high-priestess of the temple, Neferanubis, was entombed within the sanctuary.

The Death Trap takes you to an underground world where you'll pray to find your way out quickly. You could come to your demise in the dark uninvited world that's heavily protected.

Insanity will hit all your senses with this intense high tech performance.

Confusion. . . disorientation. . . perplexion. . . puzzlement. A few senses that will overcome you during your time here. Fear doesn’t only affect you, physiologically, it can also cloud your judgment. The group becomes tense, the leader falls back from frustrations, the alpha male becomes hostile, the group is no longer calm. Will you and your friends be able to handle the sense of the unknown? The most intense, high tech, mind-boggling attraction you have yet to experience. Come see why everyone is being pushed to the brink of INSANITY.

New this year is a throwback to Lake George. Who remembers Dr. Morbid's Haunted House? You'll watch the Mad Waxmaker, Dr. Willy L. Morbid, using his bizarre practices making statues via a secret passageway. Are you brave enough to venture forth into his macabre mansion?

Although the very popular haunted hayride has been canceled due to COVID-19 all the other aspects of the Field of Horrors are open at reduced capacity. All actors are double-masked and keeping their distance from visitors. They tell us:

Masks are required at all times and social distancing rules are being heavily regulated by extra security. There are also multiple sanitation stations on-site and we have moved to online ticket sales only as to ensure we're abiding by capacity regulations to ensure a safe and fun friendly environment.

Are you ready for some heart-pumping blood-curdling screams?

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Try This For Halloween - If You Dare

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