Nothing like fresh fudge, not too soft and not too hard. Today is National Fudge Day and a day to honor fudge, but at the same time if you're like me, you don't bother to think about the number of calories there are in a piece of fudge. I just woof it on down.

Then I started thinking about the food at fairs and festivals. It's that time of the year, church festival, fairs and the delicious foods of Summer. Who can resist, foot long chili dogs, cotton candy and the funnel cakes. They are all difficult to resist, and what I tell myself, festival season is just so short, I just have to take advantage of enjoying all my favorites. So, if you are like me and can't resist, you may want to check out just how many calories are in many of the festival delights

Thanks to WebMD we can see in black and white just exactly what we're putting straight to our waistline. On second thought maybe we don't want to know.

Fried Snickers 5 oz, 444 calories 295 g of fat

Fried Twinkie 2 oz  420 calories 34 g of fat

Funnel Cake (1)  760 calories  44 g of fat

Cotton Candy 171 calories 0  g of fat

Fried Cheesecake 655 calories 47 g of fat

Foot long hot dog & bun 470 calories 26 g of fat

Giant Turkey Leg 1136 calories 54 g of faf

Gee I always thought turket was good fo you.:

Two local candy stores you might try for fudge are:

So Sweet Candy Café, 531 Verick St.

Lizzy's Cupcakery and Candy, New Hartford Shopping Center



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