After going through an arduous shooting process, Marc Forster's 'World War Z' now has a trailer, which features Brad Pitt and his family up against the zombie apocalypse.

And from the trailer, there is definitely scale to the mayhem, though it seems much of the zombie horde was created by the computer program MASSIVE. Which also likely means that this zombie apocalypse will come with a PG-13 rating. But that's no surprise for a big summer movie.

And if the trailer has a hook it's that Brad Pitt, movie star, has never really done a movie like this before. Sure, he's done big budget movies, and some action (like 'Mr. And Mrs. Smith') but this seems like a part that would normally be played by someone like Will Smith, or - for that matter - Charlton Heston.

Hopefully the film figure itself out as the third act was considered problematic and required massive reshoots that required a new writer. It's hard to say then how much of this footage comes from the original shoot, and how much from the re-shoots. Perhaps by accident we'll get a big budget movie that doesn't give away some of its best third act bits by necessity. 'World War Z' is scheduled to open June 21, 2013. Here's that trailer:

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