If there's one thing we can take away from the new 'World War Z' trailer, it's that zombies have officially reached their cultural apex. Once a niche horror subgenre, zombies now star in the biggest show on television and will be the subject of a summer blockbuster starring Brad Pitt. There's nowhere else to go, really. Check out the new trailer below and ponder the future of the walking dead on our screens.

Loosely (and boy, do we mean loosely) based on Max Brooks' incredible novel of the same name, the film follows a United Nations investigator (Pitt) who travels the world in an attempt to discover to the cause of the zombie virus outbreak currently threatening the entire human race. Along the way, there will be much running, much jumping, must shooting and much surviving plane crashes (as seen in the new trailer). However, the trailer is a weird one, never once mentioning the word "zombie" and never actually defining what the threat is. To someone completely unfamiliar with the project, the trailer could actually prove completely baffling.

There's a lot working against 'World War Z' right now, from the fact that it's PG-13 (and therefore, gore-free) to its troubled production history, where nearly half of it was reshot after director Marc Foster turned in an unusable cut. Still, we hope that everything will work out and we'll get a solid movie when it hits theaters on June 21st.

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