Though Sunday is the big day for watching movie TV spots with the Super Bowl, we're already getting some of those big money ads now. 'World War Z' is one of the first to release their commercial, and it does a good job of conveying what the film is about.

And that's that Brad Pitt is the star in a large scale zombie invasion film. With this film it's easy to recount the film's troubled production history, it is worth pointing out that the majority of zombie films have only talked about a global epidemic, but are told through limited locations and usually revolve around a handful of characters dealing with the situation -- be it in a mall or a farmhouse, or a local tavern. 'WWZ' is the first film to feel like it's addressing how this would work on a macro scale.

It's a swift TV spot that does a good job of setting up how fast everything falls apart, and shows the scale of the movie while it also seems to limit itself to the first act of the film, which is always nice. 'World War Z' is due out in theaters June 21. Here's that TV Spot:

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