'World War Z' is a film about fighting zombies, and it's funny that the film has screened (and screened well) but is still fighting undead rumors about it being a total disaster. We saw the film and liked it, but it's going to need good word of mouth to be one of the hits this summer. Perhaps it will get better word with this clip, which sets up how Brad Pitt is forced into action to stop the zombie apocalypse.

Here we see Pitt confronted on the naval vessel where he's found safe passage for his family. He's then pressed into action to find a solution to the zombie epidemic, and with this scene his character can be categorized as a reluctant hero. It's an okay clip, but where the trailers have played up the large scale mayhem, this plays up the main character's internal drama. Basically, it shows that Brad Pitt's character loves his family, which has also been one of the themes of the marketing.

Summer box office forecasters often pick one or two movies beforehand to target as disasters. This year it seems that both 'World War Z' and 'The Lone Ranger' are the big question marks of the summer, with many expecting them to belly flop. The same insiders suggested 'The Hangover Part III' was going to be one of the biggest hits of the summer, and this weekend proved them wrong. But when it comes to the numbers, as the old William Goldman maxim goes, "Nobody knows anything." It's possible 'World War Z' will prove them wrong (again) when it opens June 21.

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