When a construction company went to work on a garage in Columbia County, they certainly didn't expect to find something like this. CBS Albany says that the construction crew was working on the site in the town of Hudson Wednesday afternoon. This is where things get a little weird.

When they went to go remove parts of a ceiling an object fell out. As it turned out, that object was a grenade.This could get a bit scary. Police were called, and quickly secured the area. What's fascinating is that the grenade dated all the way back to World War 2. CBS says the object in question was actually a World War II Japanese type 97 hand grenade.

When additional backup arrived, they x-rayed the grenade and. Luckily, after a brief investigation, it was determined that the explosive charge had been removed. Even though objects like this can be old, they can still be dangerous. Authorities planned to destroy the grenade at a facility.

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