The appeal had been filed - Woodstock 50 promotors still want the Vernon Downs location for the 50th Anniversary August 16th -August 18th.

WKTV reports that representatives from Woodstock 50 walked into the Vernon Town Offices shortly after 10:00 this morning and submitted their appeal/reapplication for an event permit to hold the music festival's 50th-anniversary show at Vernon Downs while recording the process with their videographer.

Woodstock 50 co-managing partner, Susan Cronin, tells WKTV:

"Woodstock 50 is here at the Town of Vernon and we are filing an appeal for our permit for a special event and a new application and we hope the town does the right thing.......grant the permit to Vernon Downs for the concert series this summer."

Ok. So, now what? An appeal has been filed, and the event with 65,000 people is supposed to happen in 5 weeks. Town Attorney, Vincent Rossi, says he needs to give public notice and will then attempt to meet with the town planning board Monday, July 15, 2019.

Earlier this week a late and incomplete application was declined.

Keep it tuned. The show may go on.

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