Most likely, this wild animal got caught in a trap and had to chew off its own leg - talk about a willingess to survive!

Wild animals never cease to amaze me, and I love when I get the chance to comb our great state trying to find interesting videos and stories about Upstate New York wildlife to share with you guys.

Be it by their willingness to survive, ability to adapt to the ever-changing Upstate NY elements, their unconditional love for offspring, or tolerance for pain and discomfort, find me a spot where I can observe an animal in its natural habitat, and I'm there with a scope - or to watch your trail cam video.

Man Traveling Upstate NY Shares a 'One in a Million' Wildlife Sighting

Here's a perfect example of a wild animal, dealt a crushing blow by losing a leg- probably the result of a trap set up in the woods.

This gimpy, 3-legged fox has been making the rounds in Upstate NY, and this trail cam video was taken last week, about two hours outisde of Albany in Broome County.

As they've been known to do, the fox more than likely chewed off its own leg to free itself.

According to sources, 75% of the time an animal is trapped in the wild, it's done so using a "leghold trap."

Will a fox chew off a leg off to free itself from a trap?

A study in Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge over a 4 year period found that 27.6% of mink, 24% of racoon, and 26% of trapped fox would bite off their limbs in hopes of surviving.

The woman who posted the video to her Facbook page wrote this about what she discovered:

"I have several fox living in the woods behind my home. Both Grey and Red. I even had a pair of grey fox raise 5 kits back there, and love to see the videos I gotten of them on my Trail Cam. But recently I've had this fox that is missing a front leg come around nightly. I have no idea what happened to him, but it's hard to see him struggle to get around."


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