A very upsetting incident happened this morning, September 21, 2020, on East Utica Street. Witnesses are asked to step forward to help identify the women who committed the crime.

A woman driving a yellow Jeep with a peace sign on the spare tire in the area of East Utica/East 5th streets in Oswego was seen running over a male cat; she then allegedly pulled over, picked it up, and threw it on the side of the road. Thankfully, a Good Samaritan called the Oswego Animal Shelter, and they're attempting to find the cat's family and the woman who committed the crime.

This the message from the Oswego Animal Shelter (OAS):


"We here at OAS are completely and utterly disturbed by what happened this morning and are looking for some information from our animal-loving followers...This morning witnesses at East 5th/Utica streets saw a woman hit a young male, neutered cat. She then pulled over, picked up the cat, threw it on the side of the road, and then drove off. No notification was given by this woman. A witness called us to respond. First, we are looking for this woman who was driving a yellow Jeep with a "peace" sign on the spare tire cover. Second, we are looking for the possible owners of this poor kitty. It is unlawful to hit a domestic animal and not report it to the proper authorities. This was obviously someone's pet, not a stray. We are limiting the description of the cat at this time. If you have any information on this driver or are missing a cat in the area of East Utica/East 5th streets, please contact the Shelter staff at 315-343-1803.

We do realize that accidents happen and that it's one of the risks of having an outdoor pet; however, it is disappointing that a person would leave an animal to suffer in pain. This could have also been someone's pet that accidentally got out as well."

In situations like these, witnesses make all the difference between the criminal getting away or being charged.

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