Winter has returned to New York with a vengeance and we have some driving tips for people new to Central New York and folks that have lived in New York for awhile. Pay close attention especially to keeping your car clear.

I was raised in Southern California and learned to drive the LA Freeways. One thing for sure was if it rained enough to get the streets wet or was currently raining. You could count on everybody speeding up by 10 to 15 mph. Don't do that in snow or icy conditions.

We just had a major traffic accident involving over 75 cars and trucks. It doesn't take much to start a chain reaction accident. Here are some winter driving tips that will help to avoid potential problems.

Clear Your Vehicle

Clean off your vehicle, get the snow off the roof of your vehicle before you venture out. Snow on your vehicle's roof could slide forward and block your view and cause an accident, same goes for snow sliding off your vehicle and hitting the driver behind you.

Defrost Your Windshield

Do not leave until your windshield is defrosted and you can see clearly in all directions. Make sure all your lights are cleaned off.

Slow Down

Don't drive like the Californians do slow down, normal speed limits are for traveling on dry pavement and a clear line of sight, not in a snowstorm

Leave Space

Use the 3-second rule for following other drivers at a minimal distance. Increase that distance by 1 second if possible in bad weather.

Take Your Time

Leave earlier, and take your time, don't be the person that all the other drivers are talking about.

Watch For Ice

If you find yourself on black ice focus on steering, not braking and take your foot off the accelerator

Keep in mind that bridges and overpasses freeze sooner than the regular roadway so use caution.

No Cruise Control

Do Not Use Your Cruise  Control on wet, sand or ice ever.

Limit Distractions

Do not eat, drink coffee or do anything that will take your focus off the road and other drivers.

Last but not least do not talk on your cell phone while you are driving especially in bad weather.

Keep Your Tank Filled

Do keep at least half a tank of gas in your vehicle it will keep your gas line from freezing.




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