These are the times to listen for the Win Cash Cue to Call.

Dial 1-877-854-WINS (9467) when you hear the cue to call at these times.

Win Cash Times to Play


Monday  Nov 02,201512:06p
Monday  Nov 02,20154:36p
Tuesday Nov 03,201511:06a
Tuesday Nov 03,20156:36p
Wednesday Nov 04, 20159:06a
Wednesday Nov 04, 20153:36p
Thursday Nov 05, 201510:06a
Thursday Nov 05, 20152:36p
Friday Nov 06,20151:06p
Friday Nov 06,20156:36p
Monday Nov 09, 201512:06p
Monday Nov 09, 20154:36p
Tuesday Nov 10, 201511:06a
Tuesday Nov 10, 20156:36p
Wednesday Nov 11, 201510:06a
Wednesday Nov 11, 20156:36p
Thursday Nov 12, 20159:06a
Thursday Nov 12, 20153:36p
Friday Nov 13, 201512:06p
Friday Nov 13, 20154:36p
Monday Nov 16, 20151:06p
Monday Nov 16, 20156:36p
Tuesday Nov 17, 201511:06a
Tuesday Nov 17, 20152:36p
Wednesday Nov 18, 20159:06a
Wednesday Nov 18, 20151:36p
Thursday Nov 19, 201510:06a
Thursday Nov 19, 20155:36p
Friday Nov 20, 201512:06p
Friday Nov 20, 20154:36p
Monday Nov 23, 20159:06a
Monday Nov 23, 20152:36p
Tuesday Nov 24, 20151:06p
Tuesday Nov 24, 20154:36p
Wednesday Nov 25, 201510:06a
Wednesday Nov 25, 20153:36p
Thanksgiving Thursday Nov 26, 2015No Contesting
Thanksgiving Thursday Nov 26, 2015
Holiday  Friday Nov 27, 2015No Contesting
Holiday  Friday Nov 27, 2015
Monday Nov 30, 201511:06a
Monday Nov 30, 20154:36p

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