Here in Utica, Rome, and the Syracuse area of Central New York- Will we be able to enjoy the Delta Aquariids 2020 meteor shower?

Quick Answer- Yes, if Mother Nature Cooperates.

Long Answer- As comet Neowise makes its way towards the outer solar system, here in New York we will be able to enjoy the peak of the Southern Delta-Aquariids, and the alpha Capricornids summer meteor showers.

According to NASA, The Southern Delta-Aquariids are active every year from around July 12th to August 23rd. CBS News reports that this year the meteor shower is peaking on Monday, July 27th through Wednesday July 29th.

Delta Aquariid meteors appear to radiate from the constellation Aquarius the Water Bearer, which, as viewed from the Northern Hemisphere, arcs across the southern sky. The radiant point aligns with the star Skat (Delta Aquarii) — giving the shower its name."

If Mother Nature plays nice, skywatchers can expect to see about 25 meteors per hour. That also factors the brightness from the Moon. EarthSky reports that there’s a waxing crescent moon up in early evening, and a First quarter moon sets around midnight.

In other words, this weekend and the coming week will offer us moon-free viewing from midnight until dawn.

NASA recommends finding a place with a clear view of a large sky, preferably towards the south. Move far away from any sources of light and look up between Midnight - 4:17AM.

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Next Show- The Alpha Capricornids

The alpha Capricornids are active now through August 10th. Peaking will happen early next week:

The meteors appear to radiate from the border of the Sagittarius and Aquila constellations, just southeast of a star called 37 Aquilae and west of Alpha2 Capricorni (Algedi)."

Hopefully Mother Nature will play nice.


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