Alarm clocks, where would we be without them, right?  I know where I would be....late for work every single time.  I only use the snooze button once.  If I don't enjoy waking up in the morning, why would I subject myself to that pain several more times in the same morning?  

According to, there is a new invention called the "ruggie", appropriately named because it looks like an ordinary floor rug, similar to a bath mat.

This new invention is quite ingenious.  It looks like a regular rug, but it actually has an alarm clock in it and you can only turn off the alarm when you step on the rug.  Great idea, but I'm not sure it would stop me from laying right back down and going back to sleep.

To me, the best alarm clock comes from the old Looney Tunes cartoons where a boxing glove comes out of the clock and smacks you in the face to get you up.  Seems more effective to me, however, the mechanics may be a little tricky.