With another school year upon us, several Central New York Schools are reviewing their safety procedures and policies. Of course at the forefront of the thinking is the number of incidents involving gun-related violence at schools. So how far do we go to protect students?

CNN reports there were 23 shootings in the last half of the school year, January thru May of 2018. Some were more about a student attacking another student one on one, rather than a mass shooting spree. Either way, one is still too many.

Syracuse.com reports 3 Central New York schools are banning the annual Halloween Parades. The move is not an attack on the celebration, but rather a preventive measure to avoid drawing a large crowd of students, parents, and grandparents. And trying to control who attends the events.

So how far do we go? With sporting events, we can't stop all large gatherings of students. It reminds me of the slogans after 9-11 if we don't live our lives like previously, then the terrorists win. Read more on what some CNY schools are doing to improve safety inside and outside on the campuses.

SOURCE: Syracuse.com


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