Governor Kathy Hochul says she’s still not sure whether she’ll extend the COVID mask mandate for indoor places that don’t have a vaccine requirement.

The mask mandate, which Hochul put in place on December 13, is set to expire on February 1.

Hohcul did have some good news today. At a COVID briefing, the governor said coronavirus numbers continue to trend in the right direction in New York state.

Hochul says the number of people testing positive has dropped to under ten percent, the first time it’s been in single digits since late December.

"For the first time since December 20, New York State's percent positivity is in the single-digits," Governor Hochul said. "I want to thank New Yorkers for doing the right thing to get where we are in fighting this winter surge. However, this isn't the time to take our foot off the gas. Let's keep using the tools - the vaccine, the booster and masking up - to further bring the numbers down and keep our vulnerable loves ones safe from this virus."

She says the latest daily data shows the seven-day average for cases numbers is down about 66 percent from two weeks ago.

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