Think you got stuck in a time warp when the parade of classic cars rode through the area?

I was traveling up Route 8 in Washington Mills yesterday when an old Model T Ford drove by. I didn't think much of it until another zipped by, and then another. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by these old fashioned cars whose drivers were decked out in driving goggles and vintage hats.

The cars were actually part of a race across the country. The Ocean to Ocean Rerun is a road trip to commemorate a historic motor race that took place in 1909. This year is the 110 anniversary of that race, so a huge number of antique car collectors have joined in the trek.

A. Boris
A. Boris

The Model Ts started their journey from Tarrytown on June 15 and will be traveling from New York to Seattle, covering over 4,000 miles in just about a month. The cars will make their way through 11 states, stopping at various hotels along the way. Since the Model Ts only get up to about 40 miles per hour, the ride is slow and bumpy, but the drivers I spotted were smiling and waving with only goggles to protect them from the elements. Talk about dedication.

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