The St. Patrick's Day tradition has made its debut a little early this year at a few random McDonald's outlets, according to some reporters on But the real question is: Which minty vanilla milkshake is tops, the one at Mickey D's or the one at Arby's? We got lots of reaction on our Facebook page.

Roughly half of respondents chose the McDonald's Shamrock Shake (pictured on the left above), and the the other half sided with the Arby's Mint Chocolate Shake topped with Andes candy pieces.

Robin said she loves the Shamrock Shakes, but added "I actually have to control myself."

Ron, Debbie and Kari agree with Robin. While Lisa says "I have to have at least 1 a year."

Kaytee says also loves them and said she adds a little booze.

On the other hand, Kristin said "Arby's version is better." And Melissa agrees.

Then, there are some folks who don't like either brand. Michelle, Kimberly Ann, Janice and others (me included) don't care for minty ice cream treats.

Jessica told us she loves them even though she doesn't "care for minty things too much and not to sound too much like an idiot, had myself convinced they were pistachio flavored up until about 5 years ago."

Which team are you on?

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