Enough is enough. Whitesboro residents are tired of the constant flooding in the village. There is a way out but time is running out.

Halloween night 2019, Ron Loubier and his family family were scrambling once again to grab every possession they could to avoid what was the worst flooding the village has ever seen. As the Whitesboro Fire Department and other agencies went door to door alerting residents to evacuate their homes, Loubier's family was forced to leave their prized possessions behind to get out before it was too late.

Following the flood, Loubier didn’t mince words with elected officials. "The response we received from FEMA was unacceptable. The flood nearly killed people. We had enough. We wanted a buyout. That’s why myself and others formed a group known as the ‘Whitesboro Water Warriors’."

Warriors sent petitions and got hundreds of residents to sign up, urging officials to find a buyout program. "Through a lot of time and hard work, we got amazing news earlier this year. $20 million from the USDA that can go towards buyouts for property owners impacted by the Halloween Flood. What a relief this announcement was to us."

Loubier is urging Whitesboro residents who are eligible for the buyout program to put in an application as soon as possible. "It’s dangerous to live here and this is our only way out. FEMA will not offer a buyout option of this size, ever. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity."

Applications must be turned in by November 13th. "We need everyone in this affected area to understand how important a program this is," said Loubier. "For it to be successful, we need as many property owners as possible to fill out an application."

Anyone with questions on the buyout program or how to fill out an application can either email nrcs@whitestown.net or call 315-345-0489 to set up an appointment.

"Take it from someone that’s lived through this as well as countless others, don’t let what happened last year happen to you," urges Loubier. "Sign up now or pay later."

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