About this time of the year we usually have a discussion as to when, exactly the season changes from Winter to Spring.

One can argue the calendar says it's still Winter and that rodent Phil sees his shadow and of course that delays everything from moving forward.  I will admit as a skier Spring really doesn't arrive until I can see green grass and the lifts stop until next Fall or I change the snow tires out on my wife's car. All those things in CNY are subject to a very broad calendar swing and SNOW.

Let's see, the Super Bowl is over, basketball playoffs are close, not to mention March Madness is just about on us and our focus is moved in doors for another few weeks and we haven't even taken the NHL into account either.

So when is Spring you ask? If your sport is hockey then May-June. Basketball, pros and college, that would be April. However if you love baseball then listen up, all the teams are in town on February 14th and ready to go on February 15th. What team will be the New England of baseball?

Pitchers and Catchers first workout is 2/14.

Position Players first workout is 2/19. So I say the 19th READY....SET.....Go Yankees.


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