I have had it with "family" movies today! If I have to sit through one more movie that features a kid who has it all but is filled with teen angst I am going to scream until I am banned from the theater.

My latest encounter with this phenomenon happened this weekend when I made the mistake of taking my two youngest children to see Journey 2. My wife and oldest two daughters were in New York City for the weekend to see the 10,000 performance of Phantom of the Opera so I was left to entertain the youngest two. After considering our options for the weekend we settled on seeing a movie and Journey 2 was the only movie we could agree on. (My son saw a preview for the movie, saw that it had giant lizards in it and explained to me his life depended on seeing this flick!) So off to the theater we went. If if wasn't for the reassurance that giant lizards were coming, I would have walked out after the first 2 minutes! Awful! It wasn't the acting. It wasn't the script. It wasn't due to poor film work. It was a teenage boy mad at the universe for ruining his entire life! Here's the start of the film. A teen boy is "arrested" for breaking into a satellite facility, but because he has "connections" no charges are filed and he doesn't go to jail, he goes home. Now this is the part that made want to vomit. He insults his step-father repeatedly and is very rude to his mother. He acts like being "arrested" was no big deal. It must be really tough to have a step-father like "The Rock", a beautiful mother and living in that fantastic home which apparently includes a million bedroom for you kid! Give me a break! Excuse me while I hurl! Gag, gag, gag, GAG!!! Cry me  a river kid. If I could rewrite the movie I would have the kid go to jail where he learns life back home is pretty good, as a matter of fact, it's pretty amazing!