Have you ever heard your dog barking in the other room only to walk in and there is nothing there for them to be barking at? Bustle, and pet psychologist Marti Miller, explain that there are some things that your dog can sense that we as humans cannot.

  • Dogs hear things that we can't hear because they hear higher pitches than we can as well as from further distances than we can. So while there may not be any real danger going on in that other room, your dog can hear things going on that we can't detect, and Fido is just trying to warn us of whatever they think is dangerous.
  • Dogs might be able to see things that we can't see which sounds pretty scary, I must admit. A dog's sense of sight is much sharper than ours is, so they can notice things that we miss or just don't see at all. So if your dog notices something and gets scared or defensive, but you can't see anything going on at al, that could be why!
  • Dogs can (maybe) sense natural disasters before they even happen! Scientists believe that dogs can feel or even hear an earthquake before we can. When researching after an earthquake occurs, 60% of pet owners who were interviewed explained that their cat or dog was acting strangely in the seconds or minutes before the earthquake struck!

Our pets are smarter than we think, and when we don't understand why they are barking or acting funny in any way, it might be their reaction to something we just can't see or hear!

(via Bustle)

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