Being pulled over by the police can be scary and nerve-wracking. Most people at one time or another have been stopped. Often times, it's for nothing more than failing to signal a lane change or rolling through a red light or stop sign. So, what should you do or not do when a police officer stops you?

From the websites and, here are some traffic stop Do's and Don'ts that could help you drive away with just a warning ....

  1. If you're being stopped during the daytime hours, pull over as soon as possible and wait for the officer to approach your vehicle. DO NOT get out of your car.
  2. If you're being stopped at night, pull over in a well-lit area as soon as you can. Turn on your interior light and wait for the officer to approach your vehicle.
  3. Make sure to roll your window all the way down. By cracking it just a bit will surely throw up some red flags.
  4. Keep both hands on the steering wheel and wait for the officer to instruct you to get the necessary paperwork (license, registration and proof of insurance) from your glove box.
  5. Don't make quick movements even if you are just reaching for the required documentation.
  6. DO NOT ask the officer "what's the problem?". Especially when you know what the problem is. Don't play stupid!
  7. Be sure to answer his or her questions as honestly and politely as possible.

There you go, 7 seven things that may just help you avoid a traffic ticket...



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