If you're watching The Walking Dead and just saw a sign called "Pay Pond" what was it referring too? We have the answer on what exactly a pay pond is. 

Most hunters and fishing people will already know this answer, but for the rest of us, here's what we are digging up: A Pay Pond is a fishing style pond that allows you to fish, keep what you catch, and know exactly where it came from.

In a world where many lakes are polluted and gross, you can never be safe knowing where your fish is coming from. Many states have set up these "Pay Pond's" where you can keep watch you catch, and know it's safe.

One user on Yahoo! had this to say about pay ponds:

I found a "Pay to Fish" pond which charged each member of my party a $5.00 fee and let us keep all we caught over a 12 hour period! These fish were farm raised and stocked on a weekly basis, and for added adventure and promotional purposes, they would stock some Catfish that weighed from 20 to 90 pounds! The larger of these fish were "Tagged" with prizes for landing them !!! I actually caught one that weighed 33 lbs. and received a $25.00 prize!"

Maybe in a walker filled world, Pay Ponds can give walkers a nice human snack.

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