Scientist can pretty much tell you what the surface of the moon looks like, what types of rocks are found on Mars, and tell you every ingredient in the bottle of coke you are drinking. Do we know all the creatures found in our own oceans? The answer is no. This answer is even more clear when a mysterious sea monster appeared on a beach in Spain.

According to the NY Daily News, this unidentified creature was discovered on the coast of Spain near Villaricos. The 13-foot carcass was discovered by a woman with its head detached. Some think it's likely a fish, other's want to believe it's another fantasy creature like a dragon.

“We have no idea what it can be, but it smelled bad, because it was so badly decomposed,” Civil Protection coordinator María Sánchez told the local media. Experts with the Program in Defense of Marine Animals are “trying to find out what it could be,” she added.

You can Click Here to see a picture of it and make some guesses of your own.


Rodent Fur Found In Mexican Ketchup

What did the father tomato say to his son who was walking to slow? Ketchup. On a serious note, rodent fur has been reported to be found in a Mexican made Heniz ketchup.

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